Restoring Balance

Homeopathic remedies are medicines that have been prepared using a high dilution and energetic method.

They work energetically in your body in a subtle way that actually prompts your body to heal itself with simple stimuli.

Health can be out of balance so easily – sometimes your body can restore the balance itself, but depending on your circumstances it may need some help.

We can suffer from symptoms either physically or on a mental and emotional level – this can be recent or going back years.

What is it?

Homeopathy is a holistic approach to healing.

It looks at the whole person in detail and doesn’t regard any symptom as insignificant or irrelevant – in fact the more seemingly trivial details the better!

Your favourite food and sleep position says a lot about you, and whether your tastes have changed since the onset of any illness is incredibly significant.

It is important to provide as much information as you can – this may help you to understand all of the questions you will be asked.

The Process

Homeopathy is a process and a journey towards improved health. It deals with one layer at a time, if there are lots of layers then it will take a long time, but this is part of the process.

Sometimes people are not ready to deal with issues until it is the right time for them, taking remedies and starting this journey can sometimes bring this to light or make people deal with things that have been suppressed which can be difficult, but is ultimately essential in restoring health.

I am more interested in the individual’s reaction to a disease rather than the name of it. If you have been given a diagnosis then we can certainly work with that, but I am more interested in treating the symptoms that you describe rather than giving it a label.

For example, if someone suffers from a headache, I would want to know where the pain starts and where it eventually settles, what time of day makes it better or worse, any other symptoms that happen at the same time, like being thirsty when you are not normally a thirsty person, plus many more details like that.


I work with a lot of children, and my own daughter is the main reason I fell in love with homeopathy in the first place.

Children respond so well to treatment and you can see the effects right before your eyes when they take the right remedy for an ailment. 

I encourage parents/ carers to have their own remedy kit on hand so they can quickly treat their children if they have an acute illness, and I am on hand to help deal with any more chronic or deep rooted issues.

Homeopathic remedies are safe to use for children, they have no side effects in the way that conventional medicine does. They will also not interfere with any conventional medications that may be in use.


The initial consultation should last between 60 and 90 minutes. Consultations are offered via video call or face-to-face in Ilfracombe, North Devon.

I will ask you a range of questions and all of your answers are confidential. I will then take your answers and seek out the best remedy and treatment plan for you.

Fees include an initial consultation plus a full analysis of your case, then each follow-up session lasts between 40 and 50 minutes. Remedies will cost extra or you have the option of buying these yourself from a homeopathic pharmacy. 

Please contact me: for full pricing details and to discuss your requirements.

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