What about the Moon?

“Why are you acting so crazy?” I asked my husband about fourteen years ago, before he was my husband. “Because of the moon!” he replied.

There was a full moon due in a few days, and this was my first introduction of the moon affecting people. I questioned him more and needed convincing. He told me that police presence on the streets increases on a full moon as stuff tends to kick off under the moon’s power.

I still didn’t believe him, I’d never experienced or witnessed it, it sounded like rubbish. I knew I had my own monthly cycle, and would feel agitated and highly strung before each period, but he was a man, and he was talking about the moon which is a long way away from us.

It didn’t take me long to accept the truth, I witnessed it every month. His behaviour would intensify, over-reacting to anything I said, becoming extra-sensitive, his skin breaking out, insomnia and feeling really drained of energy. This was fun! (Note sarcasm).

When we had a daughter she inherited these traits, and in our family we have a pet cat, who I swear is also affected in the same way each lunar cycle. Our household goes nuts. If my menstrual cycle coincides with this pre-moon madness, boy you sure don’t wanna be around our house.

I also have clients that tell me their symptoms are worse around a full moon. Parasites in particular, seem to increase during this phase with people telling me the itching is much more intensified.

But it could be any symptoms, they don’t have to be the same as my families – headaches tend to increase, and depleted energy levels seem to be the most common.

Homeopathic remedies help, either finding a remedy that is most indicated to the symptoms, or there are a couple that are my failsafe, go-to remedies for around this time. These are Luna and Alumina.

Also giving ourselves what we need is important. I am always telling my clients to listen to your body. If you need more rest, take it.

Don’t take on extra work or commitments if you can help it. Do activities that you find calming and energising. Such as walks in nature, a soak in a nice bath, spending more time in your garden, reading a good book.

Physical exercise can help too, do a fitness class or have a dance, burn off some of the crazy energy, and this should help you rest better and sleep more soundly.

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